Introducing Erik Longstone

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To provide our customers with the best door solutions, we know that we have the right people on the job. At Premier Door Systems, we are pleased to introduce Erik Longstone as a new member of our staff.  Erik is a proud father of two, living in the ever colourful inner suburbs of Sydney. In… Read more »

Why Traffic Doors Are Ideal for Your Facility

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Thermal Traffic doors are the best technical solution to improve your facilities. They are strong, long-lasting and can add value to any facility. With the right door solutions, you can enjoy a more efficient workflow and streamlined processes that will significantly improve productivity levels. Here’s why you should consider installing PremIMPACT Traffic doors in your… Read more »

Reasons for Installing High Speed & Hygienic Doors in Clean Rooms

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Now more than ever, it is absolutely essential to always keep facilities, particularly in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, sanitised and hygienic. Clean rooms especially must be held to a high standard of sanitation and must be kept away from risks of contamination as much as possible. To achieve this, installing high-quality equipment such as… Read more »

High-Speed Doors: The Key to Temperature Management

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Cold storage warehouses and other such facilities are required to comply with temperature control requirements. Food businesses, in particular, must follow recognised food industry guidelines when it comes to safe food storage. Aside from keeping up with the operations within the facility, these businesses must also maintain and manage the temperature within the premises. One… Read more »

How Rapid Roller Doors Help Reduce Energy Costs

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When you are planning to improve your facilities, one of your major considerations should be the energy costs. What if the new equipment or feature you have installed leads to an immense increase in your electric bills? It’s a legitimate concern, but it’s one you need not fret about with rapid roller doors. Rapid roller… Read more »

Benefits of Hygienic Door Systems

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Following standards and regulations for cleanliness and sanitation grows more important than ever, in this time of a worldwide pandemic. To help with this, facilities such as hospitals, medical centres and other healthcare clinics require technologies and equipment designed for safety and infection control. Dortek’s comprehensive range of automatic doors meets this demand with products… Read more »

High-Speed Doors for Emergency Services

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Now more than ever, it is important to be able to respond to emergencies in an efficient and timely manner. If you are in the industry of providing emergency services, you know how important each second is and how crucial it is to avoid any delays. That said, to help you out with any emergency… Read more »

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Commercial Doors

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If you’re a business owner, you want to make sure that your facilities can keep up with the requirements of the industry. This is how you keep your business up-to-date and relevant. As the business grows, you will witness changes in the customers’ demands as well, and you must be flexible and adapt accordingly in… Read more »

High-Speed Doors For Industrial Applications

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The safety and security of your facilities is a top priority when you are a business owner. You want to ensure that the facilities are equipped with the most effective features and technologies. Not only should these features guarantee the security of your products and assets, but they should also provide the safety of the… Read more »