Dortek Hygienic Door Systems: Supplier to the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical, health and food companies!

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Pharmaceutical and cleanroom environments need to follow strict cleaning regimes, whilst food production facilities are typically classified as “wet” areas as they can experience high levels of moisture, condensation and high humidity levels.  So you’re probably wondering why you would install doors in these areas that end up absorbing this moisture, harbour bacteria, rust, rot… Read more »

Case Study: Hudson Food Group – Tullamarine, 17 Rapid Roll Doors

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The Hudson Food Group is a privately owned Australian company, with over 40 years history in the food industry. The company’s vast knowledge and experience enabled it to manufacture, import, export, and distribute products throughout Australia. It recently expanded in 2021, where it launched its food and manufacturing capabilities, and started manufacturing its brands and… Read more »

Installation of PremSPEED door at Ballarat Pressings

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Efficiency and reliability are two main factors to consider when installing door solutions in any facility. When the premises are fitted out with the right door products, employees can enjoy a smoother workflow and the equipment is also better protected. Ballarat Pressings, a family-owned and operated business, understands the need for trusty, top-quality door solutions… Read more »

Mexx Engineering

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Safety, efficiency and innovation are at the heart of any project. Mexx Engineering takes it to the next level by developing revolutionary solutions and innovative robotic systems for the future of the manufacturing and defence industry.  Mexx Engineering understands the need for enhancing processes, streamlining workflow and increasing safety and security within its premises. This… Read more »

Installing EFAFLEX STT CR for St. John of God Hospital – Geelong

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In public spaces cleanliness and sanitation protocols have become increasingly important, particularly in light of the current global COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, hospitals, medical centres and other healthcare facilities need to comply with stringent hygiene regulations in order to best serve their patients and keep their staff safe. Purpose designed equipment such as high speed doors… Read more »

Installing High Speed Doors for CSL Behring

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Pharmaceutical facilities need to abide by stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations. Equipment and technologies such as healthcare door solutions can help ensure that these facilities remain clean and compliant with health and safety regulations.  In response to the growing demand for high-quality door solutions for pharmaceutical applications, Premier Door Systems offers a comprehensive range of… Read more »

Case Study/Testimonial – Avenue Apartments

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Avenue Apartments pedestrian door

“Very fast in its operation and looked appropriate to the elegance of the building”. Security & Speed Pedestrian Access Door High Cycle Capability What are the priorities for an apartment complex? You probably listed security and ease of access, so it is no wonder Avenue Apartments recently installed an EFAFLEX High Speed Door (EFA-SSN-S Low… Read more »

Global glass and door leader combine.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017                         “Existing doors onsite were passed their use-by date, prone to mechanical failure…” O-I is a world leading glass container manufacturer with more than a century of experience crafting pure, sustainable, brand-building glass packaging for many of the world’s best-known food… Read more »