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Premier Door Systems is proud to share the recent work they completed with Hickory, the builder of HOME, an apartment building in Alphington. HOME features a collection of apartments, terrace homes and skyhomes designed by Caydon Property Group’s award-winning architecture and design team. They required expert solutions for their car parks, and who better for the job than Premier Door Systems. 

The car park of any facility needs to uphold strict security and reliability standards. As they service a high volume of vehicles daily, it’s expected that their doors maintain optimal performance, especially at key entry and exit points. That’s why Premier Door Systems installed speciality EFAFLEX High-Speed Doors at the premises. These were required to be installed with minimal head clearance. The EFAFLEX SSN-S is capable of being installed with a head clearance of 280mm.

Premier Doors is a proud partner of German manufacturer EFAFLEX, a pioneer in the field of high-speed doors and the maker of the world’s fastest door, with a revolutionary roller system with patented spiral technology.

EFAFLEX is renowned for its expertise in door solutions for car parks, ensuring property protection with its burglary-proof design and high closing speeds for a reliable parking garage door. The high-speed doors by EFAFLEX prevent unauthorised access as they open and close within a few seconds. Additionally, they are highly stable and durable and can also be installed in confined spaces, thanks to their space-saving design.

Other EFAFLEX High-Speed Doors features include:

  • Long service life with up to 250,000 working cycles per year.
  • Optionally insulated door leaves for thermal insulation.
  • The door leaf and framework can be matched to the facade colour.
  • Wide range of activation options.


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