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The environment in and around an automated car wash is undeniably one of the harshest around. Its wet area and strong chemicals means that the equipment on hand has to be up to the task.

On a recent project in Portland Victoria, Premier Doors Systems, an industry leader and door solution of choice for many companies in the industry, was contacted to replace two competitor Rapid Roller Doors to an auto-wash. The original doors that required replacing were so beyond repair that they had become a hazard to the cars and people driving through the wash.

In this industry specifically, Premier Doors Systems understands that it is critical that the doors used are of the highest standard to be able to withstand deteriorating in the harshest environments. Rapid Roller Doors for car washes that are equipped with a high level of Stainless Steel componentry and coverings were installed here.

Portland Carwash is a touchless car wash system that uses powerful, advanced-flow concepts and engineered spray pattern design to offer a superior wash quality. It is designed to apply a special car wash chemical product, followed by a high-pressure, low-volume water spray, to achieve the highest quality wash finish. 

By installing Rapid Auto Roll Doors to an automated wash system, the door provides an automatic way of enclosing the bay, ensuring optimum appliance of products and minimising overspray and waste. The PremSPEED Rapid Auto Roll Doors for car wash also improve wash performance, reduce water consumption, have low maintenance requirements and are constructed from corrosion resistant materials.

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