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For efficient workflow and improved safety, food processing facilities will undeniably benefit from high-quality and effective door solutions. That’s why an international manufacturer in Melbourne underwent the installation of rapid roller doors across their newly expanded factory.

Major expansion

As part of a major development, the manufacturing company’s factory in Melbourne was expanded. KB Building Group, reputable specialists in the design, construction and maintenance of cool rooms, freezers, clean rooms and food facilities, oversaw the expansion project. To ensure that the best quality products are continued to be used in this project, KB Building Group contacted Premier Door Systems to provide door solutions for the facility.

The project reached its practical completion in June 2021.

The Premier Doors solution

Premier Door Systems provided PremSPEED rapid roller doors for this project. Designed and manufactured by Premier Door Systems, these door solutions assist with streamlining traffic flow, reducing noise and sealing temperature. This makes them the ideal option for food manufacturing facilities that require stringent temperature and contamination control.

Featuring panels made from polyester reinforced fire retardant PVC, PremSPEED rapid roller doors are durable and will last a long time. They have opening speeds of up to 1.5m/s and you can control their operation via Premier Door Systems’ own Control System featuring an LCD display touch screen. A fully transparent vision panel can also be incorporated in the door panel at your preferred height, helping to avoid collision accidents from either side.

Similarly, PremSPEED rapid roller doors have safety light grids with an active height of 1800mm for premium safety. Integrated into the doors’ side columns, these light curtains will automatically reverse the door if the sensors pick up the presence of personnel or equipment, therefore maximising the overall safety and security of staff, products and equipment. 


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