International food manufacturer in Melbourne

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For efficient workflow and improved safety, food processing facilities will undeniably benefit from high-quality and effective door solutions. That’s why an international manufacturer in Melbourne underwent the installation of rapid roller doors across their newly expanded factory. Major expansion As part of a major development, the manufacturing company’s factory in Melbourne was expanded. KB Building… Read more »

Why you should use high speed doors

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To better protect your property, you should consider installing modern high-speed door solutions for various applications in both public and private settings. EFAFLEX high-speed doors in particular are designed to guarantee safety and security, with their TLG Light Curtain proving safe and consistent time and time again.  EFAFLEX gives you peace of mind with its… Read more »

Installing High Speed Doors for CSL Behring

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Pharmaceutical facilities need to abide by stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations. Equipment and technologies such as healthcare door solutions can help ensure that these facilities remain clean and compliant with health and safety regulations.  In response to the growing demand for high-quality door solutions for pharmaceutical applications, Premier Door Systems offers a comprehensive range of… Read more »

Protecting Your Warehouse This Summer With High-Speed Roller Doors

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Warehouse temperatures can cause problems if not properly maintained. And as the summer season begins, extreme heat levels can affect not only the products but also the staff and the overall working conditions in the warehouse.   Warehouse roller doors can provide various benefits to storage rooms this summer. Here are a few reasons why… Read more »

Managing Microclimates Using Roll-Up Doors

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roll up doors

Warehouses often house multiple types of inventory under one roof, and that can be a problem when different products require different storage temperatures and conditions. Thankfully, today’s technology means there is a way to manage climates inside warehouses. Here are some reason why high speed doors are changing the game in terms of climate control…. Read more »