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To better protect your property, you should consider installing modern high-speed door solutions for various applications in both public and private settings. EFAFLEX high-speed doors in particular are designed to guarantee safety and security, with their TLG Light Curtain proving safe and consistent time and time again. 

EFAFLEX gives you peace of mind with its entry control system. System configuration can be programmed to allow easy, secure transfer of data to central monitoring systems through the intelligent microprocessor control. If emergencies arise, alarms will be activated, notifying you immediately to attend to the issue.

Fast operations

Built with the tried-and-tested EFAFLEX spiral technology, EFAFLEX high-speed doors are extremely fast, with opening speeds up to 2.0 m/s and closing speeds up to 1.0 m/s. Only this unique construction is able to sophisticatedly combine high opening speeds, longevity and efficiency anywhere. 

Infrared light grids

An optoelectronic system is fully integrated into the side frames of EFAFLEX doors to ensure complete protection at closing level. With the EFA-TLG emitting an infrared light grid directly in the door’s closing line, EFAFLEX door systems provide efficient finger trap protection.

Activating system

To guard against infiltration and other security risks, EFAFLEX high speed door systems also come with the EFA-SCAN activating system. Efficient, effective and streamlined for your ease of use, this system allows intelligent direction recognition for opening your doors. With a specialised software algorithm, the system also prevents accidental triggering during extreme weather conditions. 

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