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Pharmaceutical facilities need to abide by stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations. Equipment and technologies such as healthcare door solutions can help ensure that these facilities remain clean and compliant with health and safety regulations. 

In response to the growing demand for high-quality door solutions for pharmaceutical applications, Premier Door Systems offers a comprehensive range of Dortek hygienic doors and EFAFLEX high speed doors

Premium Protection in Biotechnology 

Since 1991, Premier Door Systems has been a proud supplier of high-quality door solutions for CSL Behring, Australia’s trusted manufacturer of biological medicines. CSL Behring has a long history dating back to 1916 when it was established by the Australian Government in response to an increased demand for an Australian-controlled supply of medicines. This demand was especially high during the  turbulent times of wars and pandemics.

Given the current climate, CSL Behring is even more committed to serving Australia’s  healthcare and medicinal needs. Because of this, upgrades for the facilities have been ordered, including more than 150 doors provided by Premier Door Systems.

Understanding the extremely high standards for cleanliness and sanitation in CSL Behring’s facilities, Premier Door specialists installed Dortek hygienic doors and EFAFLEX high speed doors. 


Dortek door solutions feature smooth, seamless and ledge-free surfaces built to suit laboratories and clean rooms. Light and easy to operate, Dortek doors do not harbour bacteria that steel and timber doors are notorious for. Dortek doors are able to hermetically seal a specific area where isolation and clean air are crucial, lowering the overall risks of contamination.

Similarly, EFAFLEX high speed doors provide air tightness with their creative engineering technology. Developed specifically for clean rooms, EFAFLEX doors can effectively seal a room even with high air pressure differentials. Hygienic, contactless and featuring a sleek edgeless design, EFAFLEX doors are sure to maintain air particle purity. 

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