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Posted September 24, 2018 by & filed under High Speed Roller Doors.

Warehouses often house multiple types of inventory under one roof, and that can be a problem when different products require different storage temperatures and conditions. Thankfully, today’s technology means there is a way to manage climates inside warehouses. Here are some reason why high speed doors are changing the game in terms of climate control.

Better insulation

Microclimates are created and developed for quality assurance purposes. As there are various factors that can affect a product’s condition, like air infiltration and humidity levels, warehouse

managers pay a lot of attention to maintaining the correct temperature and ensuring the prevailing conditions are suitable. Ensuring the environment is secure is often a key factor.

Sometimes doors can be opened and closed hundreds of times a day, which is why doors play an important role as a barrier to secure an area. High speed roll-up doors allow the sort of precise heat retention needed because of their high speed operation. Such quick operation preserves the target temperature.

Energy efficiency

One of the biggest problems for microclimate management is geographic location. Because of special material handling needs, microclimates will often require more energy for product handling than the usual. Roll-up doors offer less waiting time and allow faster stock movement, which in turn improves productivity.

Cost effectiveness

Microclimate maintenance tends to come with added cost facilities have to be properly engineered and climate control is also costly when it comes to maintaining the right temperature. High speed doors are a valued asset as they can keep energy and other costs down. Additionally, they absorb impact and realign easily, while including thermally separated insulation laths that can reduce high energy costs.

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