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Warehouse temperatures can cause problems if not properly maintained. And as the summer season begins, extreme heat levels can affect not only the products but also the staff and the overall working conditions in the warehouse.


Warehouse roller doors can provide various benefits to storage rooms this summer. Here are a few reasons why High-Speed roller doors should be your next best investment.


Excellent thermoregulation

One of the biggest worries in summertime is how to store products properly when it’s too hot inside. People tend to spend money for temporary and ineffective solutions instead of investing in long-term solutions.


Thankfully, the EFAFLEX SST ISO60 and TK100 efficiently preserve local atmospheric conditions in cold storage rooms, freezers and other similar environments. The EFA-SST-ISO60 door insulates heat of up to 0.80 W/m²K with its special type of foam layer insulation to 60 millimetres to avoid temperature loss, condensation and thermal conductivity.


The EFA-SST-TK100 is the most advanced freezer door in the world. Not only does it feature a curtain thickness of 100mm insulation, the Active Frame Mechanism provides an almost hermitic seal, eliminating air transfer and loss.


Premium safety

Storage rooms are usually filled with copious amounts of important goods and valuables. It is also one of the most frequented places in a warehouse. If there’s a lot of movement to and fro, it is only right that it is assisted by a reliable door from inside out.


With our High-Speed Doors, you’ll have little to no worries regarding any potential accidents in the workplace. This type of door is strategically designed to have advanced safety features, which are integrated into the door, so you will know it’s sturdy and won’t budge easily.


Multiple features

High-Speed Roller doors are often doubted by people because of its hefty price tag and a relatively new presence in the industry. Most people don’t want to buy something expensive that will turn out to be ineffective, right?


The EFAFLEX High-Speed Door is controlled via advanced technology providing operating speeds of up to 2.5m/s. The door also has purpose-designed doubled walled transparent laths to provide a clear view even from the outside, aside from a foam-layer assisted curtain that reduces noise transfer in sensitive areas.


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