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Efficiency and reliability are two main factors to consider when installing door solutions in any facility. When the premises are fitted out with the right door products, employees can enjoy a smoother workflow and the equipment is also better protected. Ballarat Pressings, a family-owned and operated business, understands the need for trusty, top-quality door solutions and has contacted Premier Door Systems for the task.


Better protection and operation

Premier Doors specialists installed a PremSPEED to the main entry of Ballarat Pressings’ factory. The PremSPEED Rapid Roller Door is strong, reliable and heavy-duty, designed by Premier Door Systems to streamline the workflow and ensure safety.

The main entry to the factory sees a lot of traffic and the constant opening and closing of the standard roller shutter door is not practical, especially with the colder weather upon us. The installation of the PremSPEED door solves this problem as it allows better environmental control. Its speed, reaching 1.5m/sec, contributes to temperature sealing that leads to improved working conditions on the factory floor, meaning the workers are kept warmer and more comfortable during winter months.

Premier Door Systems will be supplying remote control units to each of the 8 forklifts onsite that use this access way, allowing for easy automatic operation on the Rapid Auto Roll Door. With the door’s faster operating speeds for both opening and closing, the manufacturing area can benefit from better temperature and contamination control.


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