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Pharmaceutical facilities and cleanrooms need to comply with stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations. As such, they need hygienic door solutions specially designed for hygienic environments.



Contamination control

Dortek’s hermetically sealing sliding door has been designed for use in pharmaceutical facilities and cleanrooms. Officially tested for efficiency and featuring a unique patented track system, Dortek doors are shown to be over 99% effective in hermetically sealing a room, minimising cross-contamination, and preventing contaminated air, dust and other airborne microorganisms from entering. Air leakage has been tested independently, and up to 400 Pa pressure ratings are available.

Sliding movement

The sliding movement of Dortek doors means they require less space than hinged doors. Sliding also leads to less air disturbance, which helps in reducing risks of contamination in hygiene-specific areas such as hospital environments.  

Easy to clean

Faced with ledge-free HPL, Dortek hermetic doors are easy to clean, requiring minimal maintenance. With a smooth seamless surface, Dortek doors have no voids, ledges or crevices where bacteria can be trapped and grow. With options available for door automation and touchless sensors, the spread of infection can be further minimised. 


Dortek uses Glass Reinforced Polyester to manufacture doors. Unlike steel or wood, GRP will not warp, swell, rot or rust. Thus, Dortek doors can withstand regular and intensive cleaning regimes. Fully water- and chemical-resistant, they are ideal for busy pharmaceutical facilities. They are also officially tested with 60 minutes fire resistance. 


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