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When it comes to modern facilities that require air tightness and strict contamination control, EFAFLEX high speed doors are the ideal door solutions. EFAFLEX door systems are designed for optimum efficiency and effectiveness. Hygienic, contactless and featuring a sleek edgeless design, EFAFLEX doors are sure to maintain air particle purity, making them ideal for various applications, particularly clean rooms and medical facilities.


Before installing EFAFLEX door systems, it’s first important to determine the size and dimensions of your space. At Premier Door Systems we make it easy for you to get accurate measurements with our free Measure & Quote service. We have the knowledge and experience required to get it right the first time, so that you don’t have to worry about wasting time and money if you accidentally get it wrong.  

Door hardware

EFAFLEX door systems come with a range of door sensors and activation methods, as well as other features that make them the world’s fastest vertically opening door. EFAFLEX can also incorporate an operating device that specifically matches your needs. With plenty of options, it’s best to ensure you pick the door system best suited for your specific application. As an example, the EFAFLEX S Series is the ideal option for carparks, whilst the EFAFLEX CR Series is a great fit for clean rooms. 

Expertise of your door specialists

Your door installation should be handled with certified experts and specialists who have the required skills and experience to complete the job to the utmost standard. Here at Premier Door Systems, our specialists can supply, install, maintain and repair various door systems with high-quality service at great value.

Ready to get the best door solutions for your cleanrooms?

Premier Door Systems supply and install EFAFLEX door systems, ensuring strength, durability and the highest quality in our products. From EFAFLEX Safe High-Speed Doors to rapid roller doors, we have door solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. We have been in the business for 30 years, so whatever you need, we have you covered!


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