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Following standards and regulations for cleanliness and sanitation grows more important than ever, in this time of a worldwide pandemic. To help with this, facilities such as hospitals, medical centres and other healthcare clinics require technologies and equipment designed for safety and infection control. Dortek’s comprehensive range of automatic doors meets this demand with products that are ideal for various applications within the healthcare industry, such A&E, operating theatres, intensive care units, patient wards and X-ray rooms.

Automatic doors offer many advantages that facilities can benefit from. Here are some of them:

Hygiene control

First and foremost, automatic doors offer the best solution for a facility’s sanitation needs. Dortek automatic doors come with special features that allow them to hermetically seal an area, preventing entry of dirt and dust and thereby lowering risks of contamination. Therefore, Dortek door systems are ideal not only for healthcare facilities but also for other such controlled environments, like laboratories.

Saves energy

Automatic doors open only when they’re needed, so most of the time they’re closed to avoid entry of contaminants as much as possible. As such, they serve as a regulator that maintains the required temperatures in an efficient manner as well as lowers energy costs. 

Easy to operate and maintain

Dortek automatic door systems are designed for optimal safety and efficiency. Therefore, they are easy to use, requiring minimal maintenance once installed. 


Automatic doors improve the security in the facility. Dortek’s automatic door systems come with a touchless sensor. It is also easier to manage and restrict access to the area with automatic doors, ideal for reducing chances of contamination.

Ready to improve the cleanliness and sanitary condition of your facility?

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