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Wednesday, NOV 23 2016

Carwash Rapid Roll DoorsPremier Door Systems has long provided our PremSPEED Rapid Roll Doors to the automated carwash industry. Often these carwashes are installed in prime real estate providing the optimum pass by traffic for their position. Sometimes, this is also in residential areas where the carwash is often required to reduce noise pollution and overspray.

The addition of a purpose built Rapid Roll Door to an automated carwash system, can reduce water consumption, minimize noise pollution and optimize the results of an automatic bay through water efficiency and containment of cleaning solutions.

Premier Door Systems is able to produce an independent acoustic assessment report, which details the doors ability to provide up to a 17dB noise reduction from the operating automatic wash bay. This reduction in noise pollution can be vital when operating in built-up areas and forms an essential requirement for long operating hours that are often required for profitability of the carwash.

Premier Door Systems was proud to install the PremSPEED Rapid Roll Door on a recent project installation at the Eastlink City Bound BP Carwash, supplying and reliable system with an aesthetic finish to the automated bay.


Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel Components, incl. Covers.
  • Full Width Vision for Light Ingress.
  • Reliability in a Harsh Environment.
  • Noise Reduction to 17dB.
  • Reduction in Overspray and Waste.

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