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In maintaining parking facilities, from stand-alone garages to car parks in commercial buildings like apartments, hotels and hospitals, safety and security are paramount considerations. This calls for modern high-speed door solutions that not only maintain structural integrity but also align well with the building’s overall aesthetic.

Here at Premier Door Systems, you can find an exceptional range of high-speed doors that are modern, versatile as well as durable. We also proudly offer EFAFLEX high-speed spiral doors, boasting the tried-and-tested EFAFLEX spiral technology. These doors feature a door blade that is not rolled up on a shaft but is instead guided into the EFAFLEX spiral. This allows for ample space above the door, helping prevent accidents and increasing the speed of operation as well. Additionally, the low header design makes it the ideal choice for underground car parks as it keeps both people and vehicles safe.

EFAFLEX has been developing and designing high-performance door solutions for over 40 years. Each product is made from decades of innovative technology and pioneering solutions, ensuring the best quality. With EFAFLEX, you can rest assured that you will be given tight security and solid reliability.


EFAFLEX spiral technology has been copied countless times, but nothing beats the original. The EFAFLEX S Series has many options for you to choose from, each one suitable for a specific need. The EFA-SST® PS, for instance, is perfect for lower spaces; its spiral construction requires a much smaller space in the lintel of your garage.

EFAFLEX high-speed doors help maintain the safety and security of your parking facility with its creative and innovative technology. It offers sleek and modern aesthetics as well, truly leaving a lasting impression! With crisp and solid lines and the best materials, these doors can go well with different architectural types, therefore fitting a variety of installations.


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