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Monday, September 7, 2015

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A total of 57 Efaflex high-speed doors have been installed at Audi’s nine-building Motorsport Centre of Excellence complex at Neuburg ander Donau. From goods receipt through production to the exit onto the test track, the doors close the halls from the outside, but they also provide protection, and also separation areas.

Walter Pregernigg, project manager at Audi, explained: “Audi is a premium manufacturer, which is why we look exclusively for premium manufacturers to supply our operating equipment.

In the doors sector, no one is better than Efaflex. Alongside the outstanding quality of the doors, their operation and maintenance is trouble-free. For us, therefore, there is no other door manufacturer.”


“Many of the doors are controlled via a card reader because of the secrecy procedures,” continued Pregernigg. Audi and Efaflex’s engineers developed the door control systems in accordance with the company’s specifications. They worked together to create a special control system, which Efaflex and Audi developed specifically for the vehicle manufacturer.

The externally mounted doors are highly insulated and already proven at the Audi factory in Ingolstadt, as well as other Audi sites globally. With door blade speeds of up to 4.0m/s, and high thermal insulation in accordance with DIN EN 13241-1 of less than 2.0W (m²K), the doors keep the temperature in the halls largely constant, particularly during heating periods.

Depending on the requirements, lath thicknesses can be varied between 40mm – 100mm profiles, while the lath height is a uniform 225mm, benefiting the aesthetic appearance of the external facade.


The new generation EFA-SST fulfils the highest expectations; alongside the outstanding thermal insulation values, for example, they also demonstrate a better-than-average wind resistance of Class 4 in accordance with DIN EN 12424.

The range of finish colour options is almost without limits. For the Motorsport Centre of Excellence, the door blades were selected in black, blending sympathetically into the facade, which were designed to reflect motorsport. Even the sound insulation values meet the strict regulations. “We had to comply with the strictest noise emission requirements in order to protect our employees as we have a NATO airfield nearby,” said Pregernigg.

The new building sees the Audi Sport Centre relocate to Neuburg, with all motorsports activities brought together under one roof, where engineers and mechanics develop and build the Audi motorsports vehicles. From here they organise all global race entries and use the track for the first test drives of all new sports prototypes.

On the ground floor of the Centre of Excellence there is access to the test track. Here, the race cars leave the building to head towards the handling course. “These doors have to be particularly wide because the vehicles have a limited turning circle,” described Pregernigg. “Because of the secrecy procedures, these doors are programmed to stay open for the shortest-possible time and are fitted with special controls, so that no one can gain unauthorised access. If a door stays open for a moment too long it is immediately indicated with a warning tone.

Pregernigg opens a door: “Thanks to the spiral door technology, the operating noise cannot be heard despite the speed and size. The doors are as quiet as an Audi car door.” Praise indeed for Efaflex!

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