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Cold storage warehouses and other such facilities are required to comply with temperature control requirements. Food businesses, in particular, must follow recognised food industry guidelines when it comes to safe food storage. Aside from keeping up with the operations within the facility, these businesses must also maintain and manage the temperature within the premises.

One of the measures outlined by the Australian Food Cold Chain Logistic Guidelines is to minimise door openings as well traffic movement in and out of the cold storage. Complying with this measure is made easier by installing cold storage high speed doors, which are designed to provide your facility with optimum insulation. 

High-speed doors are also incredibly helpful as they are the key in locking the cool temperature within the room. With high-speed doors, opening and closing times are significantly reduced, giving less time for air to escape and making climate control easier. Slower doors tend to allow warm air to enter the premises which then affects the stability of the temperature as well as leads to spikes in energy costs.

Here at Premier Doors, we have a range of high-speed doors that not only offer incredible speeds but also provide thermal insulation. With thermal insulation, air tightness is maintained and the room is effectively hermetically sealed. The quality of products stored within the facility is preserved, protecting your business both in the short-term and the long-term.

Premier Doors offer doors solutions built to last, with each high-performing product assured to keep your temperature-controlled environment chilled and secure. Furthermore, our high-speed doors also allow for easier sanitation, therefore helping in maintaining the cleanliness of your space.

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