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When you are in the industry of providing emergency services, or Public Transport, time is of the essence. You should be prepared to give a quick and prompt response at a moment’s notice. Each second matters and a single delay could make a world of difference.

To help with this, the necessary equipment and technologies should be installed. This includes using state-of-the-art high-speed folding doors that can make or break an emergency situation.

EFAFLEX offers the F Series, with a range of door solutions capable of opening at high speeds and of withstanding extreme loads. Additionally, these doors are specially designed to protect against noise and draughts. Energy-saving and armed with impressive heat and sound insulation properties, these doors are your best bet for emergency service facilities such as fire stations or ambulance stations. Right now, Premier Door Systems specialists are working with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade to install the F Series doors in their facilities.

EFAFLEX F Series door systems feature a quick horizontal folding motion that guarantees swift and efficient vertical clearance. Indeed, their speed hits up to 2.5 m/s and boast of up to 200,000 load cycles per year. Aside from their functionality that ensures versatility and optimum performance, EFAFLEX F Series doors also do not compromise their aesthetic. With countless optional features to suit your varying needs, these doors can adapt to any architectural styles and facades, ensuring a sleek and smooth finish in any colour of your choice.

EFAFLEX F Series doors are also ideal for rail applications, with Global installation references like; Deutsche Bahn AG, GoldenPass and LEIPZIG Transport Services.

Ready to install the high-quality high-speed folding doors?

Premier Door Systems supply and install EFAFLEX F Series door systems, which are strong, durable and of the highest quality possible.

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