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When you are planning to improve your facilities, one of your major considerations should be the energy costs. What if the new equipment or feature you have installed leads to an immense increase in your electric bills? It’s a legitimate concern, but it’s one you need not fret about with rapid roller doors. Rapid roller doors can help you conserve energy and therefore drive down energy costs, saving your dollars in the process!

Here’s how installing rapid roller doors can benefit your energy bills.


The most obvious key to rapid roller doors is their speed. The faster the opening and closing of the doors are, the faster the staff can go in and out. With less time spent with the doors open, there are also less chances of air escaping especially in temperature-controlled areas. Here at Premier Doors, we offer a range of EFAFLEX high-speed doors that boast of up to 2.0 m/s opening speeds and up to 1.0 m/s closing speeds.


Temperature control is extremely important especially in facilities like food warehouses, laboratories, and cold storage. Here at Premier Doors, our rapid roller doors help with keeping the room cool, using thermal insulation that controls the temperature but also helps save energy.


Lots of time and energy are wasted when the facilities and equipment are not a match for the workflow within the space. There is inefficiency in how staff and machinery get from point A to point B, and simple processes such as transferring stocks to the delivery area can get unnecessarily convoluted. With rapid roller doors, this problem is addressed. Rapid roller doors help in increasing efficiency and maintaining specific conditions within the site. There would be less bottlenecks if the locations of doorways and rapid roller doors are planned well.

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