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The busy nature of food processing facilities means that staff and equipment are constantly moving from one area to another, increasing the likelihood of cross-contamination. Now more than ever, food processing facilities are expected to follow extraordinarily high standards concerning their operating procedures. An easy way to keep high-traffic areas contamination free is to install compliant doors.

To help keep these facilities clean, Dortek offers a range of door solutions that meet the stringent requirements for food safety. Dortek doors are easy to clean, disinfect, and have a smooth, non-absorbent surface, in line with General Food Hygiene Regulations 1995. Dortek prides itself on their commitment to producing hygienic doors for the food processing industry, having been at the forefront since 1968.

Easy to clean

Dortek doors are made of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP). The inorganic construction and the seamless surface prevent bacterial growth. Unlike wood or steel, GRP is resistant to water, chemicals and fumigants, making them rust-, warp-, dent-, swell-, rot- and crack-proof.

Fire rated

Dortek doors are fire resistant for up to 2 hours by Australian standards, tested to BS476 with patented hygienic concealed intumescent strips maintaining their seamless construction. This makes them safe to use in high-temperature areas in a food processing plant.

Customised doors

With Dortek doors, you can choose which features will suit your facility best. You have a choice of frames in GRP, stainless steel or aluminium for insulated panels or masonry/steel constructions. You can also choose between manual or automatic operation with safe and reliable electric drive units, fully compliant to the latest standards. A full range of factory fitted quality door fittings are available to meet your specifications.

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