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In public spaces cleanliness and sanitation protocols have become increasingly important, particularly in light of the current global COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, hospitals, medical centres and other healthcare facilities need to comply with stringent hygiene regulations in order to best serve their patients and keep their staff safe. Purpose designed equipment such as high speed doors are incredibly useful when it comes to these places and issues like public safety and infection control.

Here at Premier Door Systems, we understand the importance of reliable door solutions for both efficiency and safety. We supply a range of EFAFLEX high-speed door systems specifically designed for clean room applications and these are ideal for healthcare facilities.

Improving Healthcare Service with St. John of God Geelong Hospital

St. John of God Hospital in Geelong is Geelong’s leading private hospital, serving the Barwon and south-west region of Victoria. In order to better cater to the healthcare needs of the Greater Geelong and Western District, the hospital organised an expansion and refurbishment of its facilities.

In line with the goal of increasing safety and improving workflow efficiencies, Premier Door Systems installed EFAFLEX STT CR door systems in the hospital. EFAFLEX is a renowned manufacturer of the world’s fastest doors, featuring the patented EFAFLEX Spiral technology.

EFAFLEX STT CR is a transparent clear door model, with speeds reaching up to 2.5m/s for unparalleled efficiency. The door blade has single-walled transparent laths, using either acrylic or polycarbonate infills. These design features allow it to withstand very high pressure differences and ensure effective sealing.

The spiral technology facilitates smoother operation, and the efficient design means that the doors will operate for a very long time with minimal wear. The powder-coated finish makes the EFAFLEX STT CR easy to clean as well, and the crisp and solid lines look good too.

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