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Safety, efficiency and innovation are at the heart of any project. Mexx Engineering takes it to the next level by developing revolutionary solutions and innovative robotic systems for the future of the manufacturing and defence industry. 

Mexx Engineering understands the need for enhancing processes, streamlining workflow and increasing safety and security within its premises. This is why they reached out to our specialists at Premier Door Solutions to install high-quality and effective door solutions for their Robotic Weld Cells.

Collaboration for innovation

The Robotic Weld Cell, also called the MexxWeld, is a robotic system designed to increase productivity in the construction industry by performing efficient robotic welding on a fixed table or in a rotating unit. Movable by forklifts via integrated fork tines, Robotic Weld Cells can be ready for operation within minutes of delivery. 

Robotic Weld Cells ensure safety thanks to their fully enclosed areas. To achieve high levels of safety, PremSPEED high-speed doors were installed to the Robotic Weld Cells. Our Premier control system was integrated into the automated machinery, allowing it to close when in use. This ensures that operators are protected from weld arc during operation, and safety is interlocked and guarded as per Australian and New Zealand Standards.

The door’s curtain was specially constructed using weld screen material that contains flame-retardant chemicals. This prevents the material from catching fire when it comes into contact with stray sparks, whilst also providing transparency and effectively blocking out harmful UV rays. 

For this project, Mexx Engineering provided a complete design service and collaborated with Premier Door Systems specialists, utilising our 3D rendered image of the PremSPEED Rapid Roll Door to be fully and directly integrated into their plans for the Robotic Weld Cells.

PremSPEED high-speed doors were designed and manufactured by Premier Door Systems to assist with improving traffic flow, reducing noise and sealing temperature. As such, they are ideal for manufacturing and construction applications. 


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