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If food is your business then making sure your environment is clean and secure is a key issue.  When thinking of this, food processing and manufacturing facilities need to maintain the highest level of cleanliness. This is to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that can contaminate products and affect consumers if left untreated. To abide by strict sanitation regulations, these facilities require equipment such as PVC strip curtains or a PVC strip door

With summer fast upon us, now is the time to upgrade your food facilities to account for problems, like increased dust and other airborne particles, caused by high temperatures. Keeping insect pests at bay is also extremely important. At Premier Door Systems, we offer PremFLEX strip curtains and doors as the ideal solution. 

PremFLEX PVC strip curtains and doors are incredibly versatile products that can be used in various commercial, domestic and industrial applications. Designed for superior climate and temperature control, these curtains are self-sealing to maintain the desired temperature in your facility. They are also available in different sizes to suit your area requirements. 

PremFLEX PVC products feature Premier Door Systems’ exclusive overlapping ribbed design that effectively protect against dust, insects and other airborne particles. The curtain head rail is constructed using an anodised aluminium extruded channel, that is both durable and easy to clean. PremFLEX PVC strip curtains and doors help ensure that your facility is clean, hygienic and up to Health Authority standards. 

Install high-quality PVC strip curtains and strip doors in your food processing facility now!

We at Premier Door Systems have been in the business for over 30 years, assisting in the implementation of hygiene control by the Environmental Health Departments through our PremFLEX strip curtain. With these colourful self-sealing PVC strip curtains, various businesses across Australia were able to meet stringent health standards to protect their facilities. 

We have a wide selection of door solutions for various applications, ranging from high-speed doors to rapid roller doors. Our door solutions can also be customised according to your specific requirements. With our products, you get comfort, health and safety!

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