What are the benefits of installing PVC strip curtains and doors?

Posted February 26, 2021 by & filed under PVC Strip Curtains, PVC Strip Door.

Looking for high-quality and versatile door solutions? Consider getting PVC strip curtains or a PVC strip door that is suitable for different commercial, industrial and domestic applications. PVC products are ideal for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your facility, whether it is a supermarket, a shop or a clean room.  Here are some reasons… Read more »

PremFLEX PVC Strip Curtains and Strip Doors for Food Security

Posted November 23, 2020 by & filed under PVC Strip Curtains, PVC Strip Door.

If food is your business then making sure your environment is clean and secure is a key issue.  When thinking of this, food processing and manufacturing facilities need to maintain the highest level of cleanliness. This is to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that can contaminate products and affect consumers if left untreated. To abide… Read more »

Why Use PVC Strip Door Curtains?

Posted July 31, 2018 by & filed under PVC Strip Curtains, PVC Strip Door.

Using PVC strip door curtains is common in manufacturing sector. Mostly used in Factories, restaurants, and auto body shops in order to separate work areas. One of the more notable things about them is how they offer the function of having a door without having to open or close them. If you’re considering doors to… Read more »