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Looking for high-quality and versatile door solutions? Consider getting PVC strip curtains or a PVC strip door that is suitable for different commercial, industrial and domestic applications. PVC products are ideal for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your facility, whether it is a supermarket, a shop or a clean room. 

Here are some reasons why PVC strip curtains and strip doors are beneficial for you and your property.

Heavy duty and durable

Equipped with see-through panels that are built to absorb impact, our PVC strip products provide low-cost protection for virtually any size or type of opening. PremSTRIP Industrial Strip doors in particular have a strip width that ranges from 100mm – 400mm and thickness from 2mm – 5mm, making them ideal for parcel hatches, delivery van doors, cool rooms, freezers, warehouse doors and other applications.

Our PVC strip products also feature an exclusive overlapping ribbed design that effectively protects against dust, insects and other airborne particles, minimising contamination risks within the facility. 

Sleek aesthetic

For door solutions that seamlessly align with your facility’s overall design, look no further than Premier’s PREMSwing PVC doors! With a frosted finish on window panels and a sleek anodised finish for the aluminium extrusions, PREMSwing helps achieve a streamlined and modern look. Powder coating and sign writing can also be applied for your more customised taste. 


Our PVC strip curtains and strip doors are built to last a long time. Our PVC doors feature strong aluminium extrusions that help retain the spring mechanism and bottom-metal pivots for easy operation. The PVC panels, which can withstand impact on opening and closing, are also easy to clean, so you only need to perform minimal maintenance with long-term benefits.

Install high-quality PVC strip curtains and strip doors in your facility now!

We at Premier Door Systems offer premium PVC products that are approved to meet Health Authority standards. Designed to keep up with the demand for durable and long-lasting door solutions, our PVC strip curtains and strip doors are sure to deliver the results your facility needs. 

We have a wide selection of door solutions for various applications, ranging from high-speed doors to rapid roller doors. Our door solutions can also be customised according to your specific requirements. Having been in the business for 30 years, we assure that you will get comfort, health and safety from our products!

Contact us today or call +61 3 9357 8477 and we’ll have our door specialists sit down with you to discuss how we can best help you out.