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PVC doors are a basic requirement for storage rooms mainly because of how easy and efficient they are to use. Moreover, many industries also favour these type of doors as an economic solution for keeping goods fresh and pest-free.

We’ve shared some tips on how you can take care of PVC strip doors, now it is time to look at PVC strip curtains and what you should do if they are damaged.

Torn or punctured strips

Don’t fret if you have torn or punctured strips; the good news is that these can be replaced individually.

Unlike other commercial doors, strip doors are made of individual PVC sheets. If you contact us we can help find a solution for you by replacing damaged strips and maintaining the integrity of your doors. This is not only easy but also efficient; your door won’t have to be pulled down to be replaced, so it will still largely function in the meantime.

Plastic discolouration

Is your strip curtain turning into a yellowish brown hue? This is common with cheap clear plastic curtains. Although PVC doors are great at insulating and keeping a temperature-controlled environment secure, you definitely should ensure that the PVC material used is UV Stabilized. This will protect against ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can damage and taint PVC.

Wrinkled plastic strips

Strip doors are naturally designed for easy access in and out. However, there are some cases where forklifts and other traffic passing through these doorways can damage, twist or kink the strips. This can render the PVC strip door less effective at maintaining a barrier.

Thankfully repairing PVC strips is actually easy. Simply use a blow dryer, or heat gun on a low setting, apply hot air on affected areas until the creases disappear. Once it’s done, switch to cold air to help the strip assume its normal shape again.

If you have any of the above issues and are unsure what the best way forward is to get in touch with us. Or you can drop by our new showroom. Visit Premier Door Systems for the best of quality commercial doors here in Melbourne.

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