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Woolworths is a famous name in Australia. It’s likely most people have shopped at or been to a local Woolies on multiple occasions. While customers might walk through the front doors and not think too much about it, in the ‘back’, the right doors play a vital role in air flow and traffic flow for the supermarket giant.


During Woolworths Kyabram’s recent refurbishment, Premier Doors partnered with Insitu Group to upgrade the outdated door systems that were in place.


Using PremImpact Doors and PremSpeed Doors, Premier Doors was able to improve efficiencies for Woolworths Kyabram.

A PremImpact Door is a heavy-duty, High Impact Thermal Traffic Door used in areas of high levels of traffic. The semi-automatic operation of the PremImpact door means it will close automatically from either direction. This saves time for staff as they don’t have to physically close the door, and also assists with overall energy efficiency of the entire building. 

Premier Doors were further able to help Woolworth Kyabram with their PremSpeed Doors. These doors offer an efficient high-speed system that streamlines traffic flow, reduces noise and seals temperature. 


PremSpeed doors are easy to set up and install, yet incredibly durable. A safety light Curtain Grid is integrated into the side column for premium safety and they have a fill width clean plastic safety vision panel that can be positioned at your preferred height.

PremSpeed doors can be especially useful in situations where traffic comes and goes and where temperature control is important.

For Premier Doors, understanding how workflow happens at Woolworths Kyabram enabled them to recommend and install the right doors that would assist in that workflow, and be durable and lasting.