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The healthcare industry, by nature, demands utmost cleanliness in its facilities. Aside from abiding by industry standards for sanitation and hygiene, the facilities also need to be equipped with the latest technologies to ensure efficient and reliable services. By installing the best products for every establishment, the area can be easily maintained and sterilised by the staff. For instance, excellent high speed doors are a great addition to a pharmaceutical facility, helping it keep up with regulatory requirements and address potential risks.

With the right door solutions, a facility can improve its processes and ensure that the rooms are safe and secure. Efaflex, known for their innovative door solutions, brings the game forward with the CR Series, providing outstanding features ideal for the controlled zones of a pharmaceutical facility.

Speeding Up To Success

Premier Door Systems was proud to supply the EFAFLEX SRT CR C – High Speed Doors to a global leader, and full service provider to the healthcare industry. This company is a renowned provider of a full range of pharmaceutical services, including integrated drug development, clinical trial supply, clinical manufacturing and commercial packaging solutions.

In a recent project, specialists from Premier Door Systems installed Efaflex CR-C doors to a facility in Victoria. Efaflex CR-C doors provide a guarantee of tightness in all accesses, minimising risks of contamination in the area. They also have an air lock feature, considerably contributing to the cleanliness and safety in the room.

Efaflex CR-C doors effectively seal the space, which is critical in a pharmaceutical facility. With their compact design, these doors also reduce headroom requirements and reduce air loss even with strong pressure on the door curtain.

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