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Premier Door Systems continue to uphold the highest standards in providing door solutions such as door curtain and roller doors for over 50 years, solidifying their reputation as a trusted industry leader.

In a recent project, an Australian-owned and operated bathware manufacturer, known for their tradition of attention to detail, high-quality products, and superior craftsmanship, contacted Premier Door Systems to come up with a solution for their facility located in the Hills District of Sydney, NSW.

Premier Door Systems was able to custom build PremSCREEN, a sliding curtain system for containment of the facility’s storage area. Spanning over a total of 35 metres, the PremSCREEN curtain was constructed of 900gsm ploy weave tear-stop PVC material, and featured a clear window section incorporated into the panels. Each section was fitted to a top sliding rail and anchored to the ground through the use of specially designed ratchets and surface mounted anchor points. The panels were also individually connected with velcro ends that had been applied to the curtain edges.

The curtain system allows effective closure of the undercover storage area, while providing a retractable system to access individual bays.

PremSCREEN is an affordable and user-friendly solution for managing dirt and dust, ensuring cleanliness within your facility. It offers customisable options to preserve natural light and visibility, essential for safety. This versatile system can act as a barrier for thermal, noise, dust, or spray control. It comes in different configurations, including heavy-duty sliding or fixed sheet screens, and is available in clear or coloured versions. All components are anti-corrosive and maintenance-free.

Premier Door Systems supply and install custom designed industrial strip curtains, clear flexible PVC sheets and other access solutions. They also customise PremSTRIP curtains to suit a wide variety of doorways and PremSCREEN to suit individual requirements.


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