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The Lynch Group is recognized as a world leader in floral innovation, research and development and continue to be viewed as a leader in floral quality control. Specializing in exporting Australian Wildflowers throughout the world the Lynch Group is the only national floral marketer in Australia with ISO & HACCP Quality Standard accreditation.




Project Overview

Original design of the Lynch warehouse in Melbourne Victoria incorporated automated insulated sliding panel doors, activated for forklift traffic via ground loops for the majority of warehouse access. Due to the high level of traffic flow these doors were not suitable for this type of operation, load demand or application. Slow operating speeds and the inability to cope with the high level of traffic meant that the doors were often left open, or unserviceable. These issues led to reduced levels of productivity, increased temperature loss to the environmentally controlled warehouse and inevitably high levels of waste in energy consumption.

Premier Doors were called upon to provide an automated solution that was fit for purpose and would be reliable in the high paced environment.



Installation of PremSPEED Rapid Auto Roll Doors incorporated into the existing activations provided an automated door capable of high operating speeds and cycles loads.

This meant that not only were the doors utilized more efficiently by forklift drivers, they also were open for shorter periods resulting to increased savings in energy consumption and reduced loss.

Additional features such as vision panels, photo cells and reversing sensors provided extra safety benefits to all users.



PremSpeed – Rapid Auto Roll Door