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Friday, January 22, 2016

High speed doors


Premier Door Systems installed EFAFLEX HIGH SPEED DOORS for the Smith & Co luxurious residential apartments and fine retail development in Collingwood, Melbourne.


“On the Smith & Co developments we installed a range of EFAFLEX Type S Series high speed security doors with various installation configurations in the basement car park, loading bay and supermarket loading bay,” said Premier’s Andrew Bykersma.


“Key to the project was the installation of the specialised Low-Lintel clearance high speed doors that can be installed with minimal head clearance — as low as 250mm — making them ideal for maximising space and also for retrofit to existing applications were space in limited.”

The EFAFLEX high-speed doors are safe, open and close quickly, ultra secure with low noise and vibration levels, creating an ideal environment for apartments directly above the doors.

“Even despite an already low Db operating level rating, Premier worked extensively with SLR Consulting acoustic engineers to ensure those levels were reduced further. Then we fitted Australian designed and manufactured acoustic mounting systems to the door frames and fixtures, effectively isolating the doors from the actual building itself with great success,” enthused Andrew. “The doors come in a variety of configurations and on this project we’ve provided both clear vision sections for safe two-way vision, while others have ventilation to provide airflow.”

Premier Door Systems EFAFLEX doors provide sole access and security to key areas of the Smith & Co development. The high levels of traffic to the major supermarket, apartments and designer shops with no on-street parking means that the five car park doors will exceed 100, 000 cycles per annum.


Originally Premier Plastics, for over 25 years Premier have been supplying industrial door solutions. 100% Australian owned, they are a leading manufacturer and installer of smart door solutions.


For more information contact Premier Door Systems Pty Ltd, 69 Killara Road, Campbellfield VIC 3061, phone 03 9357 8477, fax 03 9357 8938, email, website

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