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Thermal Traffic doors are the best technical solution to improve your facilities. They are strong, long-lasting and can add value to any facility. With the right door solutions, you can enjoy a more efficient workflow and streamlined processes that will significantly improve productivity levels.

Here’s why you should consider installing PremIMPACT Traffic doors in your facility.

They’re quickly installed

Naturally, you might feel apprehension towards making upgrades because it’s thought that they often take a lot of time.  Similarly, you might be afraid of the time and cost ramifications should you need to shut down your operations for a bit while installations are being made. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem with Traffic doors! They are easy and quick to install, and you can enjoy their benefits without disruptions to your regular operations. 

They can be customised

One of the misconceptions about Thermal Traffic doors is that they’re drab and dull, stark against your facility’s design. But the truth is they can be customised to easily fit into the space, suitable not only for your specific requirements but also your style preferences.

They’re hygienic

Thermal Traffic doors are completely timber free, with a bacterial resistant core and a smooth surface that makes them easier to clean and keep sanitised. Using Thermal Traffic doors significantly reduces the risks of passing germs and bacteria. Durable and long lasting, they are also highly resistant to weathering and chemicals.

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