Avenue Apartments pedestrian door

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“Very fast in its operation and looked appropriate to the elegance of the building”.

  • Security & Speed
  • Pedestrian Access Door
  • High Cycle Capability

What are the priorities for an apartment complex?

You probably listed security and ease of access, so it is no wonder Avenue Apartments recently installed an EFAFLEX High Speed Door (EFA-SSN-S Low Lintel) to their entry to their secure underground carpark.

Robert Dandie, Avenue OCC Chairman, was kind enough to answer some questions on his decision to work with Premier Door Systems.

Avenue Apartments are prominently positioned in one of Melbourne’s most affluent and highly sought after inner city suburbs, South Yarra. It was completed in 2014 and features 178 luxury apartments with secure underground car parking. Despite the building and existing cantilever type door only being 4 years old, it experienced ongoing issues as the only carpark entry door. With 170+ cars going in and out every day, this quickly proved a challenge (especially as the last thing any Melbourne needs is traffic in their own garage!)

“The original cantilever door was very large and heavy, hence took a long time to open and close. Because of this, we experienced “piggy backing”(follow through) of unauthorised vehicles, which in turn presented us with security issues (i.e. theft of items stored in car park cages, and one motor cycle). Additionally, due to the size and weight of the door, we experienced significant maintenance issues and breakdowns; whilst the cost was not insignificant, [the bigger issue was] the resultant security issue, having to leave the door open whilst the parts were ordered and repairs conducted.” Robert Dandie

With security and access concerns, it’s no wonder the Avenue’s architect was on board when the project for a new door was proposed.

Avenue was still only four years young, so economic justification was a concern. The issue was further exacerbated as limited lift access to the basement meant many residents were in fact using the garage door to enter – with all its security concerns attached. This justified the need for a pedestrian door. Premier Door Systems and EFAFLEX GmbH were able to supply a pedestrian door as part of the complete works and in an aesthetic that was in keeping with the overall appearance of the new High Speed Door.

“Often these complexes are designed grossly underestimating the high volume of traffic required by the door. This is also often compounded by a requirement for these single entrances to have large clear opening widths, and incumbent models struggle to cope.” – Andrew Bykersma, General Manager – Premier Door Systems.

Premier Door Systems is a premium partner in Australia for EFAFLEX GmbH, offering quality commercial doors in Melbourne. Providing over 10 years experience in supply and installation of premium High Speed Doors Solutions for various applications.

“I am in the business of Supply/Procurement and have some experience in dealing with suppliers, and I can say with authority that Premier handled themselves very professionally throughout the total process of engagement, and the “turnkey” arrangement worked very well”. – Mr Robert Dandie, Chairman of the Avenue OCC. 

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